Site Solution - Mc Graw-Hill Company Inc, New York cents. a copy11161'1Cd11 Machinis;;, Reduction in Prices1 L. \\\\i DALTON ,. 6; Elli. COMBINATION‘Dalton Combmanon can be u 6.furnished thh Motor Drive TYPE 3‘OTHER MACHINES SHOWN HAVEBEEN REDUCED PROPORTIONATELYms'B —6" BENCHwas $ 300. ~ now $ 225.TYPE'B-4"DALTON MANUFACTURING commeN' SOUND BEACHJIONN ' Cabchddress ALEDAL StaWConnJISA' *************************************Accurate. to meet lb: mod[vzmu‘ulur manufacturin‘ tr»quuernema 1MB”, strand andspeedy. Swing: mnc inchnMade in floor and benchmmlclaN. m! {M Mm‘némilows.VICTOR LATHE COMPANY151 Lafayette St. NEW 1m***********************************Iceptive. This is probably the types of bearings and their relationreason why so little authentic to machine design.d”? ‘5 a‘fa‘lablc confiemmg the Manufacturers and engineers are in-plain bearing. Yet thls form 0f vitcd to Submit their bearing prob-bcarmg ‘5 unlvcr§ally [358d ‘fnd Plays lems to us for Solution. In doing soa far larger Part "1 engmeermg PmC‘ they will assume no obligation andrice than any Other fYPC- will receive the benefit of impartialadvice from an engineering organ-This very general lack of knowledge ization devoted entirely to the in-has led us to establish an Engineering restigation of bearing problems.IMPLICITY is often de- Bureau, devoted to the study of allAMERICAN BROZE CORPORATIONKlégNMWAMO 58mm; 7 'The wear—resisxing quaiitics of Non- metals. No machine shop scrap of any tion shows it to have a more denseGram result from its l’lzym'al proper kind enters into the composition of homogeneous structure than ordinaryties rather than its chemical composi- Non-Gran. hromes."01L The chemical composmon of Son- That is what gives Non-Gran its re-Thesc physical properties are obtained Gm" apprnximams that of ordgnmy markable resistanc: to wear—as itsbv exclusive methods of foundry prac- bronzn But microscopic “3min”, particles are not torn away bv fric-tice and the Use of purest virgin tional drag.Vining-mam) umtmmmwuuuw-u .Cone Drive One Piece Special Hardenedor Box Section Hca Duty SpindleGeared Head Apron Bed action Bearings.In Lzué'ukilg Prcdm'lian and Enduranrr Record: in the flfnnufnrtzlring Shops of the Nation.THE R. K. LE BLOND MACHINE TOOL CO., Cincinnati, Ohio *******************************************************DETROIT TWIST DRILL COMPANYl _ 3f: ,3: 9'1}, f" Goonl ‘ é 3 'A "\\r eInserted Pomt i KA = g . . ‘. -. ’ t'ARMSTRONGE u'e‘mmvnflwmomu ‘ ‘ xW xr ”WOOL HOLDER0‘5 r," . ."‘-\\Jr,\\‘_‘~‘.';' 5.1- .J"m’?’ mawomos ,. , pSTANDARD3 BAR BORING TOO\\FOUR sun-:3 ‘-’ 1; cunmsmy: {a to 1 13x16 in. Dia. ‘ 1’; 3,116 to 5); in. Sq.M in ~-n~ -MW~-‘ 'T"’:'“”1.2,;7m , - ‘ 'mE t. s mm‘13-;Simple. Rigid-Will Take All Your Lathe Can Give It.Catalogue {recArmstrong Bros. Tool Co.f .‘3; “The Tool Holder People" ( I““mo-f 315 N. Francxsco Ave. "m”Chicago, U. S. A.g: " requires «mlv ton seconds: fo Change a g 3 TOOL “OtDE‘RS Vpoint which cam 1w dam.- without rcuww g g . ’ , (N, .~ f.“ .ring the slm‘x‘r from the machine? g é TflEWORLDS "~” " ‘ PTh8 Detroit (‘cntcr consists of onlv (Wu g g STAHDARD 73‘ parts-:1 high speed stccl center or paint i g;E . and a sleeve of hardened stccl. The a gC sleeve is nut subiect In wear, is permanent 1%: g 3 BAR BORING TOOLand takes up all wear insuring perfecr g § M,alignment and rigidity. Both hole and ‘3' g FOUR SIZES y';;.. CUTTERB3 ' center are ground to 21 Morse taper. g ‘3“ Bars h to 1 13.516 in. Dia. ' 3 “ ' 3316 to é; in. Sq.3‘ Requiree less attention-43 Cut Production Costs-li’ith Modern Equipment 1;NATIONAL- ! $42“ ‘4“‘WflE E 21. n’ Collin-gram "5:.3' r.‘ 0CLEVELAND g g fifi '12sz tryout v g/Qg/ \\‘xeoy“EXTRA SERVICE" 5 i 22 cm mo Hoes /.H __ ME 5 "" s r -h : h. 9‘ ~ ‘~, '3'TOOLS °°‘ 2w ad * 3 2*4:22 ° P :5: :9 * Vim .2i tufit “a“ MA a m;g g :3 2332‘; He v95. 'o an rxpen‘mcm 2 , ‘12 " I,Millmg Cutters for Every g i Pg; $3., l-uawgzdcit‘lf‘ggl moved under 44039;»Requirement g} {-1 Why pm it up?Spur and Worm Gear i 31$ 3 % ‘K‘A in v.‘\\1:» I II E E "1 a H “'9 ‘ j '7” " . U2Floating Cylinder i g ‘3» 2 u J\\ INA“,5 E I FJAA' 7- 3W" I" "-‘-‘~.~ '1Reamers ! i ’ 2 "n 2" ("a5 é Wcm § I “‘ ‘51“ ‘fl‘g 1 2§1Interchangeable g g: now M my ._‘ In: Li} ‘ Li u1 ‘ Mcpar LN- =7~ , :_77 j #7 1' HCounterbores g E ”not, =21”? 7‘27 37‘: 5‘7: ,"hz,g'j.b‘Special Tools i é ““3" "h f}: ‘A '2‘ 2 ,2: Q 1, .4 5"E g 13m. I C /} ' ; '9 V; 5 J22 K ' $57.4,a E ‘ 2 . : , . ,‘ ' ‘2 z $337.? Illi‘t‘i {LT1. N r an 1c wim- ‘ weajve'ffid of; °‘ g g SIMMONS METHOD-HOBB Hons was:I g E K v xx have gmtrutcd tertlr-assur» w“,Wmmnmnna amok: 1215 flimsy g ‘E 2"“,W'fl‘x ing at last perfect duplicmion W39?ifizfifiaififizéfififg xfiéfi¥$zgc E E ’2? yA of hoht._:_lnll alymluxe imcr- fig}: *************************************************************************************************************** NEWARK GEAR isNewark Hobbing Machine 3i The growing new: a! he:r1nuhum“;lezu's d‘manus [hat may be cub on 1g the uroprr machine. gg The NEWARK Hobbing Macuvuu m magma just x'nr mm work {19 gI In-ynnxlmm- mu! [wind arm-c. It saves (mm H: xullm: up .mvl m ga «mum: in"! mm: v‘rpVL'SCDtS mum-y. The :wm-a are cut Mm :hu iE ‘X‘Csfl‘jb {FL‘UYZRL‘JVE EE . . 2Newark Gear Cutting Machme Co. Eg Hunxy E. Eberhardl, Pneaident 365 Prospect 5L, Newark, N. J. i S E R V I C Eé ’ ‘ HALF a mlllion dollars’ gg: ‘ ’ , worth of well-selected3 5 : stOck, constantly main- g-g 33' - tained, and an organization 3E - . keyed up to the theory that gif ‘5': plant efficiency is measuredg “ by the number of orders 1%g ‘shipped on the day of re~ gE ceipt, accounts for Cald- Eg well service. Let us figure Eg on your requirements. gi iH, W. CALDWELL co, SON co.g LINK-BELT COMPANY. OWNER 2E CHICAGO, 17th Street and Western Avenue gE DALLAS, TEXAS. 709 Mam Stneet gg NEW YORK. 299 Broadway 2g V‘ M)“ "C" a: "““f: ml!” mayo-‘51? 2 Better Work m Shorter . g - gi o o og Tune With the Nlcholson ,7 = g2'g Arbor Press ‘ EE Your workmen are just as anxious to - , . Ei save tinic and increase production as ‘ . ‘ 2i you arc-particularly if they are on "ki piece-work. Don’t make them use 3 '1‘2 clumsy, obsolete tools: and methods. ‘4 1.2“»,51.» gg The Nicholson Arbor Press reduces by ‘ gg 11qu the time required for pressing out g3 minus, punching, bending. broaching g3 and similar work. Made in several gg sizes-«me to meet your needs. fi'I ' ENICHOLSON r5' “ ' g«i: Expandmg Mandrelsg ~ SAVE SPACE-A set of nine «10.35 1'35E the work of Several) hundred solul g5 1 mandrcls. gE i‘ ‘ SAVE TlME-h‘l8filnfly fit any hole, gi K round or squarc, from V.» in. to ie i ‘. ‘ -‘ 7 inches. 3i .’. 1‘ ‘29 SAVE LABOR-No need to caliper éi”:- S x .1 01’ turn down a dozen or so of 5E 3 1‘ 1 solid mandrcls to get one that EK Eu» '9' fits. gE E \\\\ Wrzcc Ior «mil: 9: 30-day am: of". gg 1 No obhgatron, oi course- gg g ,+ 1 w. H. Nicholson & Co. ii,i 3" s‘ 114 Oregon St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. gTRADE MARK BRISTOL SET SCREWSREG. u.s. PAT. omrnca gI 3 . Efor safety- tzghtness iand strengthHEY have met every res: successfully for gsafety, tightness and Strength. They have 3eliminated the danger of the old projecting gset screws. They do better With hccansc they iare built of better material and are specially heat gtreated. They scr firmer, because of the dovcv gtail SIOt design. They do not mushroom, split Eor crack. Invescigate them for your use. aWrite for descriptive Buaetin 8-810 iThe antol Company 2Waterbury, Conn. QBranch 019906;: 2Boston New York Detroit Pittsburgh 5Chicago St. Louis San Francisco gg *************************** Machinery Magazine - Preview
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Machinery Magazine Augest 1922