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AAntique machine tools  Collector's and User's site to sell, save, find a collectors home for Antique old vintage ore WWII machinery wood shop and metal shop machine shop machines. Save your fathers grandfathers favorite machines for posterity as your Grandfather would have wanted you to.
Tons of pictures and original articles of antique and old vintage  machines. Learn how the progression of machine tools and their development that has built the easier life we have today. Antique machine tools, old machinery vintage machines and related crafts and trades. The Collectors Network focuses on Machine shop and machine tool history and woodworking machines and related crafts.  Machine Shop, Wood Shop, Machinery Collector's & Users information help-site on Antique, Old, Used, Vintage, Flat Belt Drive help site and  Network for Metal-working Tools, Woodworking tool, Machine trades, crafts skilled trade using Lineshaft,line shaft, flat belt,Gear cutting, hobbing, shaping  Exchange of information. (Site updated 12-20-2015) -Lathe, horizontal milling, mill,boring mill, radial drill, drilling, Gear cutting, hobbing, shaping, shaper, planer, planner, gear cutting, hobbing, hob, hobber,
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Click here to see.......Machinery Magazine August 1922,Your Grandfathers Machine shop.

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14 machines in my Grandfathers Mill (More Finds added 11/10)
post by OldGCMill Thu Oct 24, 2013
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Click here to see The First Ever 2014 Cadillac ELR: Poolside..... American Astronauts Work-hard-honest-smart. We have always earned by building our stuff; from cars to the moon, because WE work hard - WE create our own luck - WE build wealth, not take it.


Build your own Antique style wood Truck Kits for kids Crafts

R.P.S Enterprises, Antiques  Reproduced from a Photograph, Antiques Repair  Parts made, Custom services

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This is the place to Ask Me a question about antique Flat Belt Machine tools.

How to contact me about saving antique vintage old machines.

Click here to e-mail me.  leave your  phone number (The Quickest way to hear back as I hate to type.  I will answer all either way.  Please any quick picture of the machine If you want to find a buyer to save the machine from scrap for save our and your grandfathers history, a ballpark price please or I'll guess one, lol.   If you can, when asking a question about antique machine tools at : E-mail me    at .com
Richard Spens operating a ca.1877? Sloan and Chase spur, face and bevel gear cutting machine. Click on thumbnails for a larger pic. (NO, I'm not Steven King, some people just think that and I need to find a way to make that work for me lol)

 I .Overview:
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II .Machine tools I want to preserve, this history shows where we came from, the proven mistakes and successes of the past, the hard work toiled to get where we are now, and shows us how to predict what to do next. :
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 (by me at least) ANTIQUE MACHINE TOOLS.
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