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South-Bend-Works   (lathe makers)
Motor Mechanics Handbook
No.33   2   pg 6-11
South-Bend-Works   (lathe makers)
Motor Mechanics Handbook No.33 pg 6-7

Fig. 8. 36" x 8' Motor Driven Quick Change Gear Brake Drum Lathe, $938.00

36-inch South Bend Brake Drum Lathe
For Truing Brake Drums, Machining Auto Wheels, and for General Machine Work The 36" x 8' Brake Drum Silent Chain Motor
Regular Equipment, as shown under lathe in
Driven Back-Geared, Screw Cutting Lathe, illus- illustration above
, is included in price of lathe.Illistrated above and on page I7, will swing all Electrical Equipment included in price of lathe types
of wheels (including drums attached to consists of : Silent Chain motor drive unit, I axles) , both single and dual, including
wire, disc H.P. instant reversing motor, drum reversing and artillery types, with tires attached, up to switch, wiring between
motor and switch, flexi- 3 6 ~ inches in diameter ; and will machine all hie metal conduit, belting~ and wiring diagram.
brake drums uP to 23 1/2 inches in diameter. Time List of Users. There are hundreds of South required to true a 2-inch drum
is IO minutes. For Bend Brake Drum Lathes in use in Brake and Prices of brake drum equipment, see Page 27. Wheel Service
Stations, Auto parts Jobbers Shops, The Brake Drum Lathe is also `practical for Tire Shops, and Super-Service Stations.
We shall machining flywheels, differentials, hubs, drive be glad to send you, free on request, a list of shafts, a x I e s ,
pistons, armatures, bushings, these users so that you may visit their shops and valves, cutting screw threads, and general
work. inspect their South Bend Brake Drum Lathes.

Pv;e a c ~R-Zn rIv Rnvvf h Ra n d Ra n d RvaLa Dvvvvn T.a tIva-~;la n f CIva;n Mn f nv Dv;va

s~~   Length  Distance    power    Approx.      Standard Change Gear Lathes              Quick Change Gear Lathes
AttaTimcbed    B~d    ~~~  R~puir.ed  ~gt~       Cat.       ~~~~I~      ~0,-_P~       C~t       C~ t,       ~~~        ~0_-P~      C~t
wI~~s     Feet     Inches      - ^       Pounds       No'      A. C. Motor ~ C. ~,"otor    Motor~        No'       .A. C. Motor  A.C. Motor    Motor~_
361/4                     6           27             1          2620     302-BC    $836.00       $870.00      $918.00     304-BC    $896.00       $930.00      
36~~           8           51             1          2780     302-BE      878.00         912.00        960.00     304-BE      938.00         972.00      1020.00
361,~         10          75              1          2940     302-BG      924.00         958.00      1006.00    304-BG      984.00       1018.00      1066.00
   361/4        12*         99              1          3100     302-BH     989.00       1023.00      1071-00     304-BH   1049.00       1083.00      
* Includes Center  Le g.         For  Countershaft   Drive,  deduct   f ram   3 -phase  price,  $ I 8 6 . 0 0.

Fig. 9. Truing a 17-inch Brake Drum, in theLathe, Without Removing the Tire

Fig. 10. Truing a Chevrolet Brake Drum withHuh and Axle Attached Buick, Pontiac and similar brake drums can be machined
in the 36-inch or 16-inch Lathe.
The brake drum flange is held in the chuck and the axle is supported on the tailstock center.

South-Bend-Works   (lathe makers) Motor Mechanics Handbook No.33 pg8-9
South-Bend-Works   (lathe makers) Motor Mechanics Handbook No.33 pg 10-11