South-Bend-Works   (lathe makers)
Motor Mechanics Handbook No.33
What the Lathe Can Do in the Motor Machine Shop

A Word to the Motor Mechanic Machinist. ]

The repairing and servicing of the and truck is an important and activ United States, because more than 2 vehicles must be
repaired and maintained.operate efficiently in transportation.
To properly handle this work the mc must have practical precision equipment owners are discriminating more and ma
well-equipped, shop that turns out a fiJ job at a reasonable price. The we soon becomes the best known shop if
. No single piece of equipment so wel to do a wide range of accurate service w prices and at a good profit, as the Bat Cutting Lathe.
This universal tool when attachments, will do all the service jc otherwise require several single purpo~'example, one South Bend
Lathe, with a  will handle the grinding of valves, bori rods, making of bushings, truing of amting of mica, finishing of pistons by tur
]machining of flywheels for ring gears,threads, general machine work, etc.
The price of a lathe and attachments eral automotive service work in the molis less than one-fourth the total pric machines
required to do the same work tool .is the equal of the lathe in versatifi tion, wide range, accuracy and econol
In this handbook are illustrated anc of the most important motor service job shop practice for handling them.

Automotive Service Laboratory
In the Plant of the South Bend Lathe Works, South Bend, Indiana The Automotive Service Laboratory of Here our expert mechanics
develop prac- the South Bend Lathe Works, started in tical and modern automotive maintenance1920, occupies a room 60xl00
feet. Lathes methods, some of which are illustrated in in various siz:es and types, Countershaft this handbook.
Drive and Motor Drive, fitted with attach- With each South Bend Lathe sold forments are set up in this room ready for automotive
service work, we supply, with_ handling any automotive maintenance and out cha rge, illustrated man uals ` ~e~cribingrepair ope
rations. step-fly-step the majo r maintenance jobs.

. " In addition to these Inst ructlons, any motor machin e shop purchasinga South Bend Lathe may send a mechanic to our service
laboratory where he may become familiar with operating the lathe on various service jobs,free of charge. One or two days is the
averagetime spent here. Our laboratory is al-ways open to the public and we have had vl.siting mechanics from e v e r y

Fig. 1. Automotive Service Laboratory of South Bend,. Lathe Works state and many countries.
Fig. 5. Close-up Showing a Piston Being Machined in the 13-inch South Bend Lathe

Fig. 2. Machining a Flywheel for a Steel Starter Gear in the 16" x 8' South Bend Lathe

Machining Flywheels
For machining flywheels for steel starter gears,truing the clutch face, and handling other fly-
wheel servicing operations, we recommend the16" x 8' South Bend Lathe as listed in the
No. 16 Shop Equipment on page 14. The South Bend method of mounting fl#ywheels, as shown
in Fig. 3, is efficient and accurate and insures that the machined surface of the flywheel will
run true with the axis of the crankshaft. Fly-wheel servicing can also be done on the 18-inch
and #36-inch lathes.

for Steel Starter Gears
Tf e time required to machine a flywheel in the lathe and fit it with a new steel starter gear
is from 20 to 30 minutes. For prices of fly- wheel servicing equipment, see page 27.
In addition to servicing flywheels, the 16-inch lathe is practical for truing brake drums of de-
mountable wheels, servicing cranksh af ts, drive-shaf ts and axles, pistons, connectin rods, dif -
differentials, valves, bushings, a rma t u res , cut tin gib screw threads, for general machine and repair
work, and hundreds of other jobs.

"How to Service Flywheels"-Bulletin No. 3
Th e motor mechanics interested in handling flywheel work should have a copy of this 8-page bulletin, size 81[2xl I inches, for
reference becauseit shows the most practical and efficient method for doing this import-ant work. The bulletin contains more than
thirty illustrations show-ing how to mount a flywheel in the lathe for removing damaged teeth;
machining the flange for starter ring gear, and many other jobs.
Bulletin Mailed Anywhere in the World, Postpaid, No Charge

-How  to  mount  flywheel  in  lathe.                        --How  to  test  concentricity  of  hole.
--How  to  fit  ring  gear  on  flywheel.                         -How  to  make  bolt  circle  on  flywheel.
-How  to  true  and   polish  a  clutch  face.             -How  to  out  keysejat  in  flywheel.
--How  to  balance  a  flywheel.                                  --Time  relquired  to  do  the  job.
--How  to~ bore  flywheels  accurately.                       --Flywheel  servicing  equipment.

Finishing Semi-Machined Pistons in the Lathe
Semi-machined pistons, solid or split skirt A set of six 3-inch .080" oversize pistons, types, made of cast iron, aluminum, or other
round or cam shaped, can be finished in the alloys, can be quickly and accurately machined South Bend Lathe in about thirty the South Bend Lathe to fit the cylinder The lathe is also practical for reaming pis-blocks of all automobiles, buses,
trucks, true- ton skirts, many other piston servicing operators, aero engines, etc. Lions, servicing armatures, bushings, connecting
Turning pistons in the lathe (the method used rods, valves, cutting screw threads, and for gen-by piston manufacturers) is the best
practice eral machine work. and the most practical way to do the work, as Piston servicing can be done on the 11-inch,
and ', 6-inch lathes, as listed in the Shop ts on pages 14 and 15~

Cam Shaped Pistons Cam shaped, elliptical or out-of-round pistons can be
machined in the South Bend Lathe by using the cam forming attachment. Figs.
6 and 7 show two drawings of a cam piston. Pistons are machined cam shaped so
as to permit clearance along the two sides of piston ad-
jacent to the piston pin hole as indicated by E and E' in Fig. 7. Cam shaped pis-
tons, when hot and in op- eration in the cylinder, ex- pand to a perfect round.
Cam pistons may be fitted much closer in the cylinder than round pistons.


Fig.   7.    Drawing   Showing   Shape of   Cam  Piston  in  Cylinder When  Cold

"How  to   Finish   Pistons"-Bulletin  No.  9
Shops  already  handling  piston  finishing  and  those  intending  to  go  into this  work  will  find  this  8-page  bulletin,  81[2xll   
inches,  a  valuable  refer-~ ence  booklet.    Bulletin  No.  9  shows. how  to  finish  round  pistons  and  also
how  to  finish   oval  or  cam   shaped   pistons  according  to  the  latest  and most  accurate  method.    Large  illustrations  show  
how  to  do  the  various piston  servicing  operations,  a  few  of  which  are  listed  below.
Bulletin  Mailed  Anywhere  in  the  World,  Postpaid,  No  Charge

--How  to  finish  round 'pistons.                                 -How  to  machine  lands  of  piston.
--How  to  finish  cam  shaped  pistons.                       -How  to  machine  ring  grooves.
-How  to  mount  pistons  in  the  lathe.                     -How  to  drill  center  hole  in  piston.
--How  to  reanl  skirt  of  piston.                                -How  to  make  wrist  pins.
-How  to  ream  wrist  pin  hole.                                 -Piston   servicing  equipment.
Guarantee of Lathe
, South Bend Lathe to be accurate and the sadtiffaction and the service you have 'a rig,e, anywhere in the United States any I
I or workmanship, within one year from Bend Lathe anywhere in the United p. If~ you are dissatisfied in any way,.
ill~ pay ~ the return freight charges and

~ ' , .,__ ,_ ~..~.,., .... ..~~~
Factory of South Bend 'Lathe Works
Established in 1906; for nore than 27 years . builders of 96 sizes and types of 5 South Bend Back-Geared,
5crew Cutting Lathes of nhich more than 55,000 Bite in use in the U. S. and 39 other countries.
We invite you to visit our factory and display r o o m
whare ever you are in this vicinity. Visitors` are always welcome.