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see ref ax29a.jpg Barnes No. 5 Lathe

Barnes No. 5 Lathe

Barnes No. 5 Lathe

This lathe comes with an extensive assortment of accessories, including a quite rare set of riser blocks and a milling attachment, neither of which I have seen before. This is also my first Barnes No 5 that has come with a compound rest. Actually, the standard rest on the No. 5 can be made to pivot for cutting tapers, but using the compound is much more convenient.

The overhead countershaft has two clutch pulleys to allow reversing the spindle. The homemade jackshaft mounted on the wall is not included with the lathe. If you use a reversing motor or don't require reversing the spindle while threading, a single clutch pulley can be belted directly to your motor without the use of a jackshaft.

The Barnes lathe is unusual in that it has twin lead screws geared to turn in opposite directions. The carriage feed can be instantly reversed by engaging the half nut of the opposite screw.

The lathe is in very good condition, with tight spindle bearings and no broken teeth on any of the gears. The brass hand wheel on the cross slide is a replacement. It can be quickly removed with an allen wrench, however, the original crank was even easier to remove, which is likely why it had been lost. Frequent removal is necessary because it can interfere with the compound when it is backed off.

The Barnes No 5 can be broken down for transport in about 10 minutes and hauled in a small car. The only heavy piece (the bed) weighs 114 lbs and is 51" long. The total weight of all the parts and the many accessories is under 400 lbs, including the countershaft.

the countershaft mounted on the ceiling.

closeup of countershaft with cone pulley and operating lever for clutch pulleys. Pushing the lever to left or right engages the left or right clutch pulley.

closeup of the clutch engaging slide.

The set of riser blocks that turn an 11" lathe into a 17" lathe.

the riser blocks in place I haven't tried turning with the blocks in place, since I have an 18" New Haven for large work. You would have to splice your drive belt so a segment could be removed when using the riser and replaced when the blocks are removed.

the headstock

the compound rest. Note the replacement hand wheel on the cross slide.

the 9" four jaw chuck with reversible jaws and original wrench. Marked "Union Mfg Co., 9" No. 19, Pat Sept 26, 1905"

The 9" four jaw chuck off the lathe.

the 4" three jaw chuck, marked "Rockwell, 46 950", with key.

Likely the backplate for a chuck, but would make a good wood turning faceplate. 3 3/4" diameter.

10" faceplate

the Barnes X shaped faceplate This accessory has come with all the Barnes lathes I have had, but, I don't think I've every found a use for it.

Westcott's Little Giant No 0 drill chuck The side screws, which are used only for very small bits, are not present. 1/2" max opening, good working order, with key.

Jacobs chuck, Pat Sept 16, 1902, good working order, with key.

the two drill chucks

The faceplates and set of 4 lathe dogs

The centers, tool holder, original tailstock wrench, and cast iron chip cover for the cross slide.

drill pad, servicable, but the face is marred by lots of aggressive drilling.

cup center for wood turning

milling/drilling attachment with table. The holes are threaded for clamping bolts

The right angle adapter mounts the compound vertically and the table is held in the compound's T slot

This homemade? chuck holds 3/8" straight shank drills and mills. A 3/8" and a 3/16" end mill and a small arbor for jeweler's slitting saws are included.

the 3/8" chuck mounted on the lathe

The set of change gears includes 16, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, and 52 teeth. These can be compounded to give just about any tpi needed.

the steady rest and follower rest.

the steady rest mounted on the bed

The follower rest mounted on the cross slide.

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