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How to Identify Flat belt line shaft from over head center of room in wood or metal
How to Identify Flat belt line shaft or over-head pully shafting in center rafters of room in wood or metal
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Main (center of room ceiling) Line shaft with 5 pulleys and three clutches

The 12' long 1" diameter line shaft with three adjustable hangers is mounted on a wood frame and can be used either overhead or on the floor by inverting the bearing housings. Three of the five pulleys have clutches. From left to right, the pulleys are 12"x3" iron with clutch, 9"x4" wooden split pulley, 3"x3" iron pulley with clutch, 12"x3" iron fixed pulley, 3"x3" iron pulley with clutch. All three clutches work smoothly and the Babbitt bearings are serviceable. The 1" shaft is actually 1-1/16 dia. and is used for lighter duty machines like wood lathes and band saws and is much lighter and easier to hang than larger shafts.

view from left end

view from right end

closeup of 12" pulley with clutch

closeup of 9" wood pulley This split pulley can easily be repositioned or removed by loosening the clamping bolts

the 3" clutch pulley at the center of the shaft

the 12" fixed and 3" clutch pulleys at the right end of the shaft

view of above from the left side.

View from the third floor, simulating overhead mounting

overall view from the right end

overall front view

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