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The Fox Machine Tool Company,
                             as seen thru it's catalog.
Enter the early 1900s Gritty Smoke filled Industrial Revolution.
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First Catalog page
The Fox Machine Tool Company, as seen thru it's catalog.
Catalog-1911-no67-tube-pipe-cutters. This is the cover page and back cover.
Second Catalog page
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Fox Machine Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The No. 3 Fox Tube Cutter shown above is one of the first styles made. It is designed for small light tubing where the maximum length to be cut does not exceed 30 inches. It handles the same class of stock as the No. 1 machine described and illustrated on the preceding page.

The specifications which follow
show that the machine is not adapted for heavy stock. For work within its normal capacity it supplies an efficient ma-chine at a very low cost.

Maximum capacity outside diameter
Maximum capacity in length
Size of tight and loose pulleys
Domestic shipping weight
Size of export box Code word No. 3
Fox Tube Cutter Code word
Extra No. 3 Cutter Disc

2 in. Minimum capacity outside diameter /8 in. 30 in. Speed of tight and loose pulleys 8x2% in. Net weight 140 lbs. Export shipping weight 175 R. P. M. 100 lbs. 140 lbs. 16x16x42 in. VERLEREN. VERMEILL E Fox Machine Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan 11


Wherever milling work of the light-er class is done there is a field for Fox Light Millers. Particularly is this true where the product is turned out on a manufacturing basis, i. e., where quantities of duplicate work are produced and where extreme accuracy is required. For such work as Surveying Instruments, Electric Accessories and General Electric Work of a light type, Typewriters, Cash Registers, Small Fire Arms, Phonographs, Sewing Machine Parts, Telephones, Meters, and in fact where-ever light work is done it must be

done on Fox Light Millers if you wish to combine maximum quality with minimum cost. The machines are so constructed that they are ideal tools for light repair work and for use as an adjunct to the often over crowded Universal Miller in the tool room. The line comprises Hand Feed and combined Hand and Power Feed Machines. You cannot afford not to know about them. Catalog and prices on request.


http://antiquemachinery.com/images-2019/Boring-Mill-No1-Cleveland-Machine-Tool-Co-    pg1-specifications-Howt-it-can-machine.jpg