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Generation No. 3
Previous generation (Parents of Paul W Spens)

John E. Spens Jr married Olga Clara Filax.

Dececember 31, 1904, in Moltke Township, Michigan. John was  born
October 19 1867, location unknown, and died June 12, 1932, location
unknown (probably East Detroit). He married Olga Clara Filax, daughter
of Carl Filax and Ottelie (Buerr) seventh child of Carl and Ottelie Filax,
She was born June 22, 1882 in Moltke Township, Michigan, and died
May 01, 1959, Detroit Mihigan.

Olga Filax:

They attended St. Thomas & Peter Lutheran Church, Detroit, Michigan.

Funeral Service held at A. H. Peters Funeral Home, 12057 Gratiot Ave., Detroit,

Burial: May 04, 1959, Clinton Grove Cemetery, Mt. Clemens, Michigan

Residence: Olga lived on Glenfield Ave. in Detroit, Michigan.

John E. Spens Jr.
John started out as a butcher near the waterfront in East  Detroit, and
later made a living, buying and renovating houses. Then building them
to rent to buy programs. He and his family investors had over 22
houses when the banks collapsed in 1929. but only 4 left when the he
died. The 1930 census gives John’s occupation as builder of homes.

John is buried next to Olga in Clinton Grove Cemetery, Mt. Clemens,

Children of Olga (Filax) and John E. Spens are:

1. Paul William Spens, (Father of Richard Paul Spens) was born
September 30, 1904, Mt. Clemens, Michigan; and died November 08,
1976, at Boxford  hospital in Farmington, Hills, Michigan.

2. Mabelle R. Spens, (my Aunt) born February 21, 1908, location unknown; and died
July 25 1984, Dearborn, Michigan.

3. Roy William Spens, (my Uncle) born February 20, 1913, Detroit, Michigan; and
died October 18, 1970, Detroit, Michigan.

As teenager left bottom                   About World War I with  Uncle Harry?

Clowning around  during Collage days in the late Roaring Twentys, 1920
Big 6 Studebaker  Big 6 Limo in background at righ

By his Dads 1920 Big 6 Studabaker Limo in background at right

Alice, Pauls first wife  center
    Paul and first wife Alice                Paul's family   1930's  Paul 3 rd from  left                     Paul at left mom in center.   

           Paul attended Cass Technical High school for 2 years (school for
exceptional students at that time), then the University of Michigan,  and
after completing two years of medical school switched his degree
program and graduated with a degree in Petroleum Science. In 1930
Paul was residing with his parents as shown in the census. With the
crash of the stock markets and the depression, Paul packed up an home
built travel travel trailer  made into his living quarters behind an
Oakland "8", and went out to Kansas where he taught in a six-room
schoolhouse. He became the Athletic Coach then principal.

Paul returned to Detroit and lived with his mother, who was alone after
the death of Paul’s father in 1932.

Paul last worked at Burroughs in Livonia inspecting components and
took many classes on missile and aircraft systems, also the vacuum
tube  IBM 360 punchcard reading computers,
 In 1965 he  was transferred to, Bendix Aerospace at the no.#1 plant in
Ann Arbor, for working for NASA as an government inspector for the
space packages built by Bendix Aerospace the Apollo space programs
          (note he inspected the reflector units placed on the moon still in
use today the determine the slowly changing orbit of the moon and
testing earth born SDI laser systems). He shook hands with the  3
Gemini astronoughts, that burned up in the Gemini space capsule and
was severely saddened by their death and commented to me (when I
was a child a the time) he couldn't believe the space program used pure
oxygen atmosphere in its capsules, they have lowered the pressure
after the accident, but it is still used in certain conditions today.
  During World War II, he taught classes On repairing and rebuilding
aircraft engine electrical support systems  and published an the first
government cartoon style illustrated instruction book on the subject
used by the services.
 After the war he worked for Chrysler corp. as a test engineer
maintaining and performing petroleum analysis equipment while
getting his Maters degree in Mechanical Engineering at night school
using the GI Bill. He received an Patent for a Positive crankcase
vacuum ventilator using exaust driven venturi 10 years before any
emissions system were started in the  60,s .

He married (2) Ethel Mae (private), May 05, 1956 in St. Thomas & St.
Peters Lutheran Church, Detroit, Michigan. Ethel was born January 6,
1920 in Detroit, Michigan.

Funeral services were held at Grace Lutheran Church Burial: November
12, 1976, Clinton Grove Cemetery, Mt. Clemens, Michigan

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Generation No. 4
Last updated 2 26 08

PAUL W. SPENS ( Paul Spens, Paul William Spens) family
Genealogy of Mount Clemens, MI
and Rogers city, Michigan.   
for a map of mount clemens see,+MI,   

This every-name index for the 1930 federal population census of Macomb County, Michigan

Surname   First Name   Age   ED#      Sheet Line#   City/Township      Soundex
Spens          Amanda    56      50-27  10A  6              Lenox Township  S152  
Spens  Anna  14  50-27  10A  13  Lenox Township  S152  
Spens  Arthur  50  50-10  18A  6  East Detroit  S152  
Spens  Arthur  24  50-27  10A  7  Lenox Township  S152  
Spens  Bette Jane  7  50-10  18A  8  East Detroit  S152  
Spens  Delores  2  50-10  18A  10  East Detroit  S152  
Spens  Evelyn  4  50-10  18A  9  East Detroit  S152  
Spens  Frederick  16  50-27  10A  12  Lenox Township  S152  
Spens  George  50  50-27  10A  5  Lenox Township  S152  
Spens  Howard  24  50-10  18A  

This index was created from National Archives microfilm of the World War I Selective Service Draft Registration Cards,
1917-1918, for Macomb County, Michigan, M1509, reels 113-114.  These microfilms are available for viewing at Mount
Clemens Public Library

Surname   Given Name             Birth date          Residence      Nearest relative
Spens        Alfred August Carl   27 Oct 1883      Halfway, MI    Spens, Rozena  
Spens  Arthur Henry  19 Aug 1879  Halfway, MI  Spens, Anna  
Spens  Edward Carl  07 Aug 1884  New Haven, MI  Spens, Louise  
Spens  George  18 Nov 1879  New Haven  Spens, Amanda  
Spens  Oscar Charles  19 Aug 1879  Halfway, MI  Spens, Rosena  


The principal Scottish family of Clan Spens descend from one of the ancient Earls of Fife.
John 'Dispensator' or 'Le Dispenser' appeared in a list of the tenants and vassals of Walter fitz Alan Steward of Scotland on the period 1161–1171. Roger 'Dispensator' witnessed a charter by Bricius de Douglas, the bishop of Moray granting the church of Deveth to Spynie between 1202 and 1222 . His son Thomas 'Dispensator' witnessed a charter in 1232 of Andreas de Moravia, later bishop of Moray. John Spens is listed as baillie of Irvine in 1260. In the year 1296 Henry de Spens, feudal baron, swore fealty to Edward I of England, and his name appears on the Ragman Rolls of 1296. He died around 1300, when his son, Thomas, succeeded. He is mentioned in two charters of King Robert the Bruce. His heir Thomas de Spens witnessed several charters of Trinity college of Edinburgh between 1296 and 1324 and of the monastery of Soltray. One of his sons William de Spens was laird of Gylgyrstoun, Glespany and gets the lands of Dumbarnie and Bondiingtoune from William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas in 1358. His son William de Spens get married with Isabel Campbell of Glendouglas heiress and daughter of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glen Douglas and Strachur. They get by charter given in Dunblane the 5 May 1385 the lands of Athaland, Ketydy and Craigswmqwar from Robert Earl of Fife and Menteith. These lands were later made into a barony in 1430.

15th century
By the early 15th century, the family had risen to considerable prominence, which entitled John Spens of Lathallan to sit in the Parliament called by King James I of Scotland at Perth in 1434. John married Isabel, daughter of Sir John Wemyss of Clan Wemyss, and had three sons. Patrick, the youngest, was officer of the 24 bodyguards sent by King James II of Scotland to King Charles VII of France in 1450. He settled in France and his descendants were the prominent family of Baron de Spens d'Estignols in the French nobility. The "Garde Écossaise", as they were later known, were to become the first company of the Garde du Corps du Roi - the personal bodyguard of the French kings until the revolution of 1789. Charles VIII of France takes in the honour of "his beloved" Patrick baron de Spens the motto of the Spens'family :"Si Deus [pro nobis] quis contra [nos] ?". The French barons de Spens d'Estignols are the actual chief of name and arms of the Spens. All the Spens of Scotland and England comes from the marriage of John Spens laird of a quarter of lathallan and his wife Isabel Barde. This John Spens was one of the sons of William Spens, cadet son of William Spens and Isabel Campbell.

Thomas Spens,
the second son, entered the Church and rose to high office. He was appointed Bishop of Galloway and later Lord Privy Seal, a post he held until 1470. He was translated to the bishopric of Aberdeen in 1459, and being considered a clever and shrewd negotiator, he was regularly employed on state business. In 1449 he was sent to conclude a marriage contract between the heir to the Duke of Savoy and Arabella, sister of James II. Two years later he was sent as ambassador to negotiate a truce with England. He died in Edinburgh in 1480 and was buried at the Trinity College churchyard at the foot of Leith Wynd. There is an effigy of Bishop Spens in the splendid chapel of Roslin. [1]

16th century and Mary, Queen of Scots
During the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots, the loyalties of the family were divided. Sir John Spence of Condie was Lord Advocate, but adhered to the reformed Church. When commanded by the queen to prosecute the reformer John Knox, for alleged treason, he did so with no great zeal, and Knox was acquitted. David Spens of Wormieston, however, was a loyal subject of Mary, and was denounced as a rebel by the Parliament summoned by Regent Lennox in August 1571. David was one of the ringleaders of the attempt to seize Lennox at Stirling in September of that year, and he was given the task of taking the regent personally to hold as hostage. According to one narrative, Spens followed his orders to keep Lennox secure so literally that when some of the conspirators decided to kill the regent, Spens stopped a pistol shot by throwing himself in front of his prisoner. When supporters of Lennox came to his rescue, they killed Spens on the spot, despite the regent's attempts to save his unlikely saviour. However, the family were later reconciled to King James VI of Scotland, who sent Sir James Spens of Wormieston as ambassador to Sweden, where a branch of the family settled, rising high in the Swedish nobility as Counts Spens.

18th to 20th centuries
Dr. Nathaniel Spens (1728–1815), second son of the 15th Laird of Lathallan, bought back Craigsanquhar, Fife (which belonged to the family from 1385 to 1524) in 1792. His descendant, Sir Patrick Spens (1885–1973), was created 1st Lord Spens of Blairsanquhar, Fife, in 1959.

Dr. Nathaniel Spens of Craigsanquhar in Fife was also the president of the Royal College of Physicians in 1794. He was a prominent member of the Royal Company of Archers (the monarch's bodyguard in Scotland) and a famous portrait of him hangs in Archers' Hall in Edinburgh. One of his descendants, Sir William Spens, was vice-chancellor of Cambridge University from 1931 to 1933. Another kinsman, John Spens, WS, was Albany Herald to the Court of the Lord Lyon, King of Arms.

Clan Chief
The Rt Hon The Lord Spens, Patrick Nathaniel George Spens, The 4th Baron Spens, Chief of the Name and Arms of Spens in the United Kingdom.[2] The heir apparent is the present holder's son The Hon. Peter Lathallan Spens (b. 2000).
Paul w Spens apx.  1 year
PAUL SPENS family genology