28515 Seven Mile Road                
Livonia, MI 48152

Skilled and proactive engineer with experience in product design, process improvement,
manufacturing, root cause analysis, and multi-project coordination, with previous work in AutoCAD,
CATIA, and SolidWorks. Particularly interested in applying cost analysis to testing and development
and developing creative improvements for products and manufacturing processes.                

Lawrence Technological University                 1983
Associate of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology Cum Ladie 6-83                 

Work Experience
Carlesimo Products        August 2012 – Present        * Performed final QC inspection of pipe systems and components before shipment
* Signed off on paper work that product is complete and ready to ship.
* Described product specifications and drafted layouts for construction contracts from customer
* Maintained production equipment, repair shop machinery, and assist in industrial vehicle
* Coordinated production timelines and shipping to clients, considering cost implications
* Facilitated communication, acting as a liaison between management and employees

RPS Enterprises        April 1996 – June 2012        
* Started and ran prototype development business specializing in small-scale industrial contracts
* Developed unique linear actuator for robotic arms and legs and formulated spur gear design and
manufacturing program that computes 35 related solutions using 3 input variables, which sped up the
gear set manufacture process by 20%
* Using client specifications, designed and machined store display cases and LED housing assembles
at 33% of competitor cost
* Drew architectural plans for residential addition, which was approved by Livonia City
* Installed and inspected electrical system, plumbing, drywall, custom woodwork, and exterior
windows in approved addition

      Stanley Home Automation                         June 1986 – April 1996
* Responsible for all mechanical research, design, and production support of residential garage door
opener product line, requiring UL and CSA approval, product testing, cost analysis, and evaluation of
cost reduction
* Improved plastic gear case assembly, eliminating previous processing problems and resultant part
failures which reduced assembly time by 20% and quality-control rejects by 80%.
* Redesigned garage door opener using 3D CAD which reduced size, improved lighting, increased
ease of customer installation, and reduced cost from $108.78 to $96.67
* Led development of steel alternative to molded plastic component, preventing defects and reducing
cost of returned products by 8%
* Eliminated grease separation in gear case after performing a complete temperature and lubrication
performance analysis of existing and purposed materials, which reduced litigation against the company
* Redefined quality-control specifications and vendor process requirements which caught a defection
and prevented a product recall

Bell Northern Research                        December 1983 – April 1986
* Utilized worst-case thermodynamic functional analysis to improve enclosure for Modular
Integrated Voice Data Systems
* Implemented resonance transformer induced-noise reduction program that cut vibration and EMI
by 60%, saving six weeks of development and tooling time
* Oversaw completion of time-sensitive prototype for corporate review, preventing the cancellation of
$80 million contract
* Performed functionality, noise, vibration, and thermal testing of power supplies, EMF
transformers, electro-mechanical interlocks, and bus insertion problems
* Considered and resolved constraints of UL standards on manufacturing cost and development
schedule, saving one month in UL regulatory review time loss

\ Skills
* Proficient in AutoCAD, CATIA, and SolidWorks, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
* Cost analysis and reduction, product testing, quality control, and root-cause analysis
* Product fabrication, machining, shop manufacturing, and prototype development
Other Interests

* High school athletics, sons soccer games and piano recitals
Physics, reading about recent research and current theories