Sloan & Chase Mfg Co Ltd Same as USA 1918 Catalog Cover

Sloan & Chase Mfg Co USA Catalog 1918 2 Metal Lathe bench mill Gear Cutter.


I received this catalog November of 2017 for the promise that it find a good home and be available but i still payed $$ for it.
Cover of catalog Sloan-and-Chase-Mfg-Co-Ltd-Same-as-USA-Catalog-1918-color-cover

Sloan & Chase Mfg Co Ltd Same as USA Catalog 1918
pg cover  7-8,  9,10,  11,12,  13,14
pg 10-11 _____________________________________ The SLOAN & CHACE MFG. Co., LTD.
The B O R I N G R E ST
has a shoe which is secured to the lathe- ways by a spider-nut underneath. The shoe is dovetailed on top, to take a rack and pinion hand-actuated cross-slide having a, maximum travel of 1196- " , which is limited in both directions by screw adjustment.
The cross-slide takes the top dovetailed slide seat, which is supported on a full circle graduated base, and carries a slide Ht red with an eccentrically bored sleeve which takes boring tool formed on round bodies fitting the sleeve bore; the sleeve is ,Flit with three cuts, at the front end, where it is sur- rounded by a tightening band closed by a capstan nut. The eccentric sleeve is used to set the tool on the center. The tool slide is actuated by a rack and pinion, and has a travel of 1112" which is limited by an adjusting screw
The rack and pinion movements make rapid work possible, while great accuracy is assured by the perfection of fitting. second pic background

STEADY REST is made in two sizes, capacity 21~ " and 4" diameter.
The foot of the ring body is fitted to the bed- ways and secured with a quart er -turn bolt and caPstan nut. The jaws swing to any angle and are secured by screws squared into the ring (to prevent turning) and fastened by hexagonal nuts.
is composed of a shoe fitted to the bed-ways, secured by the handnut underneath, dove- tail nu top to take the slide body, which has a fixed tool- post s~Ft, actuated by a hand-lever to give one inch move- ment at right angle to the spindle axis.
The upper hand-lever gives thc a movement of one inch parallel with the spindle axis, both movements being accurately ended by hardened stops and screws.
The tool-posts have screw elevating hardened tool-supporting collars.

THE V CENTERS are made either solid or with a swivel head in which the angle is cut. They are used for holding round work for drilling operations.
The swivel permits the V to adjust itself to the angle at which the work is held.various piston  ser
has a body the foot of which fits the lathe-ways, being secured by an eccentric binder and bolt.
The sleeve bore takes a turret having three, four or five round slide seats, fitted with hardened and ground bushings to take the tool carrying spindles which are spring-actuated to the right, and are singly moved forward by the bell-crank hand- lever.
The turret Position is controlled by a spring index latch and hand knob, and the turret is turned by a round belt from the countershaft running in the turret shive. When the` index latch is withdrawn by touching the hand knob, at the rear, the turret belt instantly moves the turret which is caught by the quickly released latch, thus bringing the spindle in work- ing position, and also into the range of the bell-crank hand- lever.
End chase of the turret is taken care of by the screw adjusted sector seen on top of the sleeve, which bears against a cone-cut in the turret, and opposes the projecting index edge, which meets a shoulder in the sleeve bore. As the turret shift is made by a belt from the countershaft, the spindles are rapidly brought into working Position, and the lever action makes fast work possible. br soft>
_________________ SLOAN '& CHACE MFG. Co., LTD. . pg 14 THE FACE PLATES
are made in three sizes--3", 5" and 7" diameter.
The 3" and 5" sizes are as shown in the lower illustration,
while the 7" size screws on the end of the spindle,
is equipped with an angle iron and is made with either T slots or drilled and tapped holes. . .